HALO Vertical Headwall Unit

The Paladin “HALO” headwall system is designed to create a clean, modern, user friendly clinical setting specifically designed to meet the care-giver’s needs and create an aesthetically pleasing patient environment. It features state of the art lighting integration for user specific environmental control and equipment management to facilitate the interface of family/staff/technology. It’s easy to install with single point connections and soft feed gas distribution to the outlets.

  • Focused on creating the ideal clinical setting
  • Flexibility to modify clinical needs while preserving the value of the wall system.
  • Adaptability to cost effectively manage changing technology and user needs.
  • Expandability to quickly add essential services during surge and other unforeseen events.
  • Independent and flexible state of the art lighting integration.
  • Prefabricated headwall system and manifold to save an average of 25% on installation labor, materials, and testing time
  • Standard or custom configuration of gas and electrical outlets
  • Specify any manufacturer or type of outlet
  • Any laminate finish for face plate
  • Non-invasive gas expansion with no system certification required
  • Made to work with “Evolution” Fairfield-style equipment rail system for ideal equipment management to clear the floor of technology and rolling devices for improved patient access, for a reduction in trip hazards, and for improved floor cleaning abilities.