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          How to read our part numbers   (*very important*)

          Part numbers ending in “-P” = Plate (Rail Mounting Solution without Accessory)
          This means the item to be mounted is NOT included in the purchase.  It’s just the mounting

          plate and adapter kit necessary to mount the item to the rail. Some additional installation
          maybe required to a 3 party device.
          Part numbers ending in “-PM” = Plate Mounted (to item)

          This means the item itself is Paladin factory mounted to the plate and adapter kit necessary
          to mount the item to the rail.  The item and adapter kit are both included in the price.
          Maybe used for its intended purpose out of the box.
          Part numbers including “HV” = Horizontal or Vertical (mounting options)
          This means the mounting plate has integral options for mounting the item either

          horizontally, or vertically, on the rail.
          You and your sales rep will specify the initial orientation of the item and will receive it from
          the factory ready to hang in the orientation specified.
          If a field change is required, simply remove the adapters and relocate them into the
          alternate hole pattern.

          How our Evolution rail system works

          For an image-based explanation, see page 6: “Required Parts and Pieces”

          We use a 3-Part system to turn your wall mounted items into a componentized method of
          mounting and managing your equipment in a way that is flexible, adaptable, and
          expandable now and throughout the lifecycle of the facility.

              1. Rail (Evolution Equipment Rail)
              2. Plate + Adapter = Mounting Kit
              3. traditionally wall mounted Item

          The mounting kit marries the traditionally wall-mounted item to the rail.  Items can be
          locked in place on the rail by tightening the Allen screws on the bottom of the adapter.

          When a change of devices or process is necessary, simply snap the item off of the rail, snap
          it onto the rail in its new location, test your new workflow process, and lock the items to the
          rail when the layout is efficient.  Change is a Snap!

          We have hundreds of product mounting solutions available
          If you don’t find what you need in this catalog, please call us! We might have

          a solution already! If we haven’t, we are more than happy to design one for

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