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EVOLUTION: Required Parts and Pieces

          Paladin Healthcare’s Fairfield-style Equipment Rail System

              Paladin’s Fairfield-style Equipment Rail with inlay

              Adapters – every “mounting kit” includes an adapter          Mounting Plate       Device

          **The Mounting Kit is determined by the device to be hung on the rail. User provides device specification.**

                 End Cap                     Rail              Screw holes drilled at 16” on center

                             Adapter behind
                             mounting plate     mounting plate

             Adapter and Mounting plate
             are attached together as a           Screws that
                                                  match size and
             single “mounting kit” by
             Paladin Healthcare.  Simply          location of hole
                                                  pattern found on
             attach the pre-fabricated kit to     the back of the
             the rail and hang the device
             onto the screws.                     device

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