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           SPECIFICATION:         EVOLUTION Fairfield-Style Equipment Management Rail
                                  By Paladin Healthcare™ LLC

           PART NUMBER: R-2XX

             ** Image shown is a seamless fit in a modular casework
                application and does not include end caps. **
           EVOLUTION Equipment Management Rail:  a seamless, extruded aluminum profile with clear anodized
             finish containing a groove for attaching an adapter that supports the Owner supplied specified hospital
             accessories and equipment and includes termination caps at each end. The groove and adapters are
             designed so that the adaptor requires a seven degree tilt for attachment. The rail is designed to
             accommodate a seamless Wilsonart laminate decorative color inlay the length of the rail up to ten feet
             in length.
           EVOLUTION Equipment Management Rail shall be specified in one to ten foot lengths as shown on
             drawings or indicated on purchase order to accommodate room conditions. Rail will be cut to exact
             lengths as indicated.  For lengths greater than ten feet, a JOINER piece is used to attach together
             multiple pieces of rail to meet the required total length.  **The length of the rail is nominal for the rail
             only and does not include the end caps.  Use of two end caps increases the total length of the rail by ½”.
           EVOLUTION Equipment Management Rail is pre-drilled on sixteen-inch centers (minimum) with the
             exception of a one-foot rail length which has two mounting holes drilled at eight inches on center. The
             Rail may also be field drilled by the installer to accommodate specific job site conditions.
           End caps shall be constructed of injected molded thermoplastic and shall resist most hospital cleaning
             and disinfecting chemicals. The color shall be white and molded throughout the material.  End caps shall
             be friction-fit without use of fastening devices.
           Decorative inlay shall be supplied by Paladin for installation by the owner or contractor. Inlay is Wilsonart
             laminate in the standard finish which will resist most hospital cleaning and disinfecting chemicals. Color
             shall specified by the Owner.  Specialty coating finishes can be made available for additional cost and
             lead time.  Alternate laminate manufacturers may be specified for additional cost and lead time. Contact
             manufacturer for details.
           Option to powder coat rail with anti-microbial finish (AMF) in select colors.  Contact manufacturer for

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