We partner with experts and end users across the board to plan and execute the best practices and provisions in modern healthcare. We work in unison with the clinical staff, administrators, engineers, architects and designers, peer experts, and contractors in the field to provide the best possible solutions to the modern needs of healthcare environments.

We regularly partner directly with end users to add equipment rail to existing spaces to:

  1. Virtually eliminate the damages, expenses, and lost patient revenue caused by regularly changing traditionally wall mounted devices.
  2. Enhance clinical efficiency and patient centered care.
  3. Improve HCAHPS scores.
  4. Safely split and relocate medical gases without recertifying rooms for adaptable acuity use.
  5. Facilitate true terminal cleaning.
  6. Reduce cross contamination HAI’s.
  7. Par level inventory in clinical rooms.
  8. Clear floor space for reduced trip hazards and improved cleanliness.

We even offer design services to our equipment planning and architectural partners.
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