The use of an Equipment Management Rail in any patient care environment “FUTURE-PROOFS THE FACILITY.” Through a lifecycle of changes, it ensures the continuity and flexibility of the equipment and workflow processes for the duration of the built environment while maintaining the integrity and preserving the value of the wall system, panel, or substrate.

Technology and various contracts for soaps, hand foam, sharps boxes and gloves containers etc. will, more often than not, change over short periods of time. Every time such an event takes place, that change compromises the wall system by requiring additional and different hole patterns from the previous devices.

Moreover, Medical Device Mounting, such as ophthalmoscope’s and monitors, will need to move during the lifecycle of the environment to provide proper workflow for the staff. Some physicians prefer working from the left side of the patient, others from the right side of the patient.

When mounted traditionally, these turnovers and transitions cost far more to implement than they save.

They require

  1. loss of room revenue,
  2. the cost of the construction materials required for implementation,
  3. the restoration of the substrate to its original condition, and
  4. the man hours necessary to complete the job.

Through the implementation of the rail, these issues become moot. All devices can be relocated as needed by individual caregivers. We call this “OBSOLETING OBSOLESCENCE” and improving the bottom line for life.