Spec Sheets by name
Adapter A102-ABS.pdf
Hillrom Headwall Mounting Options AC101
Basket, wire, large, SM103 PM.pdf
Basket, wire, small, SM102 PM.pdf
Bin, deep, wire, medium, pull out, SM104 PM.pdf
Bin, deep, wire, medium, pull out, SM105 PM.pdf
Basket, wire, long, SM109-PM.pdf
Blender Slide.pdf
Broom Holder, triple, AC285 3.pdf
Bulky Item Hanger, SM212
C Clamp Pole Mount, IM401 P 3 4.pdf
Cart, Flexible Treatment Station, MC101.pdf
Chart Holder, 1 tier, HIPAA.pdf
Chart Holder, 1 tier.pdf
Chart Holder, 2 tiers, HIPAA, vertical.pdf
Chart Holder, 2 tiers, horizontal, HIPAA.pdf
Chart Holder, 2 tiers, vertical.pdf
Chart Holder, 3 tiers, HIPAA, vertical.pdf
Chart Holder, 3 tiers, horizontal, HIPAA.pdf
Chart Holder, 3 tiers, vertical.pdf
Chart Holder, 4 tiers, HIPAA, vertical.pdf
Chart Holder, 4 tiers, horizontal, HIPAA.pdf
Chart Holder, 4 tiers, vertical.pdf
Coat Hanger, 6 hook.pdf
Combination Mounting Kit for Ophtalmoscope and Specula Holder.pdf
Container, Catheter, SM206 PM.pdf
Cord Bundler, SM304 PM.pdf
Cord Cleat, SM306.pdf
Cuff basket.pdf
Cup for pens, pencils, tongue depressors, large.pdf
Cup for pens, pencils, tongue depressors, small.pdf
Daniels “Sharpsmart”, locking, Rail Mount Kit, IC304 P.pdf
Daniels “Sharpsmart”, non locking, Rail Mount Kit IC309 P.pdf
Dispenser with lid, IC245 PM.pdf
Dispenser, barrier sleeves, acrylic, IC301 PM.pdf
Dispenser, Bouffant Cap, IC526 PM.pdf
Dispenser, Bouffant or Shoe Holder, IC229 PM.pdf
Dispenser, bulk, IC241 PM.pdf
Dispenser, bulk, stainless, IC268 PM.pdf
Dispenser, Face Mask, IC PFM200 PM.pdf
Dispenser, Face Mask, IC PFM300 PM.pdf
Dispenser, Face Mask, IC PFP021 PM.pdf
Dispenser, Face Mask, IC PFP022 PM.pdf
Dispenser, Face Mask, IC PFP120 PM.pdf
Dispenser, Face Mask, IC219 PM.pdf
Dispenser, Face Mask, IC530 PM.pdf
Dispenser, Face Mask, IC533 PM.pdf
Dispenser, Foam, Holder, Rail Mount Kit.pdf
Dispenser, PPE, 4 bins, IC543 PM.pdf
Dispenser, PPE, IC271 PM.pdf
Dispenser, PPE, IC274 PM.pdf
Dispenser, PPE, IC275 HV PM.pdf
Dispenser, PPE, IC276 HV PM.pdf
Dispenser, scrub brush, acrylic, IC298 PM.pdf
Dispenser, Surgical Mask, IC501 PM.pdf
Display, Pamphlet, IC542 PM.pdf
Document Holder, SM406.pdf
Emesis Bag Holder, Rail Mount Kit, IC319 P.pdf
FERNO, Bag, large.pdf
FERNO, Bag, small.pdf
FERNO, Inventory Supply Pouch, large, PR FN 501.pdf
FERNO, Inventory Supply Pouch, small, PR FN 502.pdf
FERNO, Plate for Bags.pdf
Gas Block Air, GBA101.pdf
Gas Block Air, GBA102.pdf
Gas Block Air, GBA103.pdf
Gas Block Air, GBA104.pdf
Gas Block Oxygen, GBO101.pdf
Gas Block Oxygen, GBO102.pdf
Gas Block Oxygen, GBO103.pdf
Gas Block Oxygen, GBO104.pdf
Gas Block Vacuum, GBV101.pdf
Gas Block Vacuum, GBV102.pdf
Gas Block Vacuum, GBV103.pdf
Gas Block Vacuum, GBV104.pdf
GCX Channel 25 2.pdf
GCX Channel 31 2.pdf
GCX Channel 49 3.pdf
GCX Swing Arm, Rail Mount Kit.pdf
Glove box holder, triple, wire, IC266 3 PM.pdf
Glove box, single, wire, IC266.pdf
Glove box, triple, ABS, IC226 PM.pdf
Glove Box, triple, ABS, IC227 PM.pdf
Glove box, triple, acrylic, IC287.pdf
Glove box, triple, acrylic, IC288 PM.pdf
Hand Sanitizer, Steris, Rail Mount Kit.pdf
Hanger, 3 clip, SM401 3.pdf
Hanger, 6 clip, SM401 6.pdf
Hanger, Lead Apron, Round, SM303 Round.pdf
Hanger, Lead Apron, Square, SM303 Square.pdf
Headwall Unit 6in, REVOLUTION Horizontal.pdf
Headwall Unit 8in, REVOLUTION Horizontal.pdf
Headwall Unit 9in, REVOLUTION Horizontal.pdf
Headwall Unit, HALO, Vertical.pdf
Headwall Unit, Revolution V.pdf
Hook, double, stationary, SM308.pdf
Hook, single, 0.75 inch, SM301 0.75 PM.pdf
Hook, single, 1.5 inches, SM301 1.5 PM.pdf
Hook, single, 2 inches, SM301 2 PM.pdf
Hook, single, 4 inches, SM301 4 PM.pdf
Hook, triple, 0.75 inch, SM302 0.75 PM.pdf
Hook, triple, 1.5 inches, SM302 1.5 PM.pdf
Hook, triple, 2 inches, SM302 2 PM.pdf
Hook, triple, 4 inches, SM302 4 PM.pdf
Hook, triple, swing.pdf
IV Pole Rail Solution, IM200 K 4 3L.pdf
IV Swing Arm Holder IM301-K.pdf
Management, cable, gas, forward facing, SM311.pdf
Management, cable, hose, backward facing, SM311.pdf
Marker Board, large.pdf
Marker Board, small.pdf
Mass Casualty Rapid Deployment, Equipment Management, MC102.pdf
Monitor Arm Rail Mount with GCX, DEM167 K.pdf
Narcotic Box, dual lock, SM210 PM.pdf
Oxygen cylinder mount.pdf
Paladin Equipement Rail, Rxxx.pdf
Paper Towel Dispenser, GA Pacific EnMotion, Rail Mount Kit, IC405 P.pdf
Paper Towel Dispenser, GA Pacific SofPull, Rail Mount Kit, IC408 P.pdf
Paper Towel Dispenser, GA Pacific SofPull, Rail Mount Kit, IC411 P.pdf
Paper Towel Dispenser, Kimberly Clark Professional, Rail Mount Kit, IC413 P.pdf
Paper Towel Dispenser, trifold, Rail Mount Kit,IC401 P.pdf
Patient Information Board, VU Ease, large.pdf
Patient Information Board, VU Ease, medium.pdf
Patient Information Board, VU Ease, small.pdf
Pillow Speaker Nurse Call Holder.pdf
Sanitizer Dispenser, Bobrick, IC137P.pdf
Sharps Container Holder, Sharps A Gator, Rail Mount Kit, IC416 P.pdf
Sharps Container, Covidien, Kendall, Bemis, Rail Mount Kit, IC303 P.pdf
Sharps Container, Rail Mount Kit, IC317 P.pdf
Shelf, lip edges, small, S201.pdf
Shelf, lip edges, large, S203.pdf
Shelf, heavy duty, flip, medium, S241-PM.pdf
Shelf, heavy duty, flip, small, S242-PM.pdf
Shelf, heavy duty, flip, large, S244-PM.pdf
Shelf, stainless steel.pdf
Soap, Sanitizer Dispenser, Rail Mount Kit.pdf
Storage Container, 1 Bin, SM201 1 PM.pdf
Storage Container, 2 Bin, SM201 2 PM.pdf
Storage Container, 3 Bin, SM201 3 PM.pdf
Storage Container, 4 Bin, SM201 4 PM.pdf
Storage Container, 5 Bin, SM201 5 PM.pdf
Suction Pump with Rail Mount Kit.pdf
Suction Pump, Rail Mount Kit.pdf
Tablets, Smartphones, Rail Mount Kit.pdf
Telephone Holder, AC110-PM.pdf
TIDI PPE Cabinet, IC519 PM.pdf
Tool Set.pdf
Transportation System, Mobile, IM501.pdf
Transportation System, Mobile, IM601.pdf
Vacuum Bottle Slide, Rail Mount Kit.pdf
Ventilator Manifold, double.pdf
Waldman Light, Mounting Kit, LM101.pdf
Waldman Light, Mounting Kit, LM102.pdf
Welch Allyn Desk Charger, Rail Mount Kit.pdf
Welch Allyn Ophthalmoscope and Specula holder, Rail Mount Kit.pdf
Welch Allyn Ophthalmoscope, Rail Mount Kit.pdf
Welch Allyn ProBP 3400 and cuff basket, Rail Mount Kit.pdf
Welch Allyn specula holder, Rail Mount Kit.pdf
Welch Allyn Sphygmomanometer Tycos 509 mounting plate, DEM106 P.pdf
Welch Allyn “Sure Temp” thermometer, Rail Mount Kit.pdf
Wipes Holder.pdf
Wipes Holder, Cage.pdf
Spec Sheets by item number
AC101 Hillrom Headwall Mounting Options
AC101 ABS.pdf
A102 ABS.pdf
AC109 P.pdf
AC110 PM.pdf
AC125 PM.pdf
AC148 PM.pdf
AC149 large.pdf
AC149 medium.pdf
AC149 small.pdf
AC159 large.pdf
AC159 small.pdf
AC163 P.pdf
AC163 PM.pdf
AC173 1 PM HIPAA.pdf
AC173 1 PM.pdf
AC173 2 PM HIPAA.pdf
AC173 2 PM.pdf
AC173 3 PM HIPAA.pdf
AC173 3 PM.pdf
AC173 4 PM HIPAA.pdf
AC173 4 PM.pdf
AC174 2 PM HIPAA.pdf
AC174 3 PM HIPAA.pdf
AC174 4 PM HIPAA.pdf
AC285 3 PM.pdf
DEM100-4 K.pdf
DEM103 PM.pdf
DEM106 P.pdf
DEM108 P.pdf
DEM109 P.pdf
DEM110 P.pdf
DEM157 PM.pdf
DEM160 PM.pdf
DEM167 K.pdf
GCX101 25 2.pdf
GCX101 31 2.pdf
GCX101 49 3.pdf
HTO101 P.pdf
HWH 006.pdf
HWH 008.pdf
HWH 009.pdf
IC PFM200 PM.pdf
IC PFM300 PM.pdf
IC PFP021 PM.pdf
IC PFP022 PM.pdf
IC PFP120 PM.pdf
IC106 P UNI.pdf
IC110 P.pdf
IC112 P.pdf
IC117 P.pdf
IC136 P.pdf
IC137 P.pdf
IC219 PM.pdf
IC226 PM.pdf
IC227 PM.pdf
IC229 PM.pdf
IC241 PM.pdf
IC245 PM.pdf
IC266 PM.pdf
IC266 3 PM.pdf
IC268 PM.pdf
IC271 PM.pdf
IC274 PM.pdf
IC275 HV PM.pdf
IC276 HV PM.pdf
IC287 PM.pdf
IC288 PM.pdf
IC298 PM.pdf
IC301 PM.pdf
IC303 P.pdf
IC304 P.pdf
IC309 P.pdf
IC317 P.pdf
IC319 P.pdf
IC401 P.pdf
IC405 P.pdf
IC408 P.pdf
IC411 P.pdf
IC413 P.pdf
IC416 P.pdf
IC501 PM.pdf
IC519 PM.pdf
IC526 PM.pdf
IC530 PM.pdf
IC533 PM.pdf
IC542 PM.pdf
IC543 PM.pdf
IM200 K 4 3L.pdf
IM401 P 3 4.pdf
PR FN 501.pdf
PR FN 502.pdf
PR FN504B.pdf
PR FN504R.pdf
Rxxx Rail.pdf
SM101 PM.pdf
SM102 PM.pdf
SM103 PM.pdf
SM104 PM.pdf
SM105 PM.pdf
SM109 PM.pdf
SM201 1 PM.pdf
SM201 2 PM.pdf
SM201 3 PM.pdf
SM201 4 PM.pdf
SM201 5 PM.pdf
SM206 PM.pdf
SM210 PM.pdf
SM301 0.75 PM.pdf
SM301 1.5 PM.pdf
SM301 2 PM.pdf
SM301 4 PM.pdf
SM302 0.75 PM.pdf
SM302 1.5 PM.pdf
SM302 2 PM.pdf
SM302 4 PM.pdf
SM303 Round.pdf
SM303 Square.pdf
SM304 PM.pdf
SM311 backward.pdf
SM311 forward.pdf
SM401 3.pdf
SM401 6.pdf
SM501 P.pdf
Tool Set.pdf