REVOLUTION Headwall System

The Paladin “Revolution” headwall system is a state of the art integration of lighting, infection control, equipment management, and simple installation technology. It’s easy to install with single point connections and soft feed gas distribution to the outlets.

Integrated with two layers of “EVOLUTION” equipment rail, it provides three key opportunities.

  1. lifecycle flexibility to modify clinical needs while preserving the value of the wall and finishes
  2. adaptability to cost-effectively manage changing technology and user needs.
  3. Expandability to quickly add essential services during surge and other unforeseen events.
  • Prefabricated headwall system and manifold to save an average of 25% on installation labor, materials, and testing time
  • Standard or custom configuration of gas and electrical outlets
  • Specify any manufacturer or type of outlet
  • White with embedded anti-microbial finish, or a wide variety of RAL paint or wood grain finishes
  • Non-invasive gas expansion with no system certification required
  • 2 “Evolution” rails extruded into the unit for built-in equipment and accessory management
  • Designed to support best practice clinical care with hundreds of equipment management tools and accessories
  • Lifetime and Limited-Lifetime Warranties